Meet the Team

It’s said that success is built by the people you surround yourself with. The Vivid Ink Graphics team are the foundation of our company: a talented collection of artists, business people, and problem solvers who work closely with you to ensure that your printed advertising represents your vision and lives up to the highest quality standards possible.

Stephen St. Cyr - President

Stephen St. Cyr Headhsot

With over two decades of experience in the sign and graphics industry, the Slidell, Louisiana, native launched Vivid Ink Graphics in 1999, along with business partner, Collin Keller. The two entrepreneurs hoped to fill a need in the Baton Rouge area for a printing service that could offer a greater variety of products and services centered around large-scale graphics. Thirteen years later, Steve and Collin’s vision has not only been realized, but also expanded upon, as changing technologies have opened up new opportunities for innovative product and service offerings. St. Cyr’s ability to manage complex projects and his unwavering focus on client satisfaction have served him well in his role as our chief salesman and customer service representative. A member of AdFed, the Baton Rouge Rotary Club, and the Baton Rouge Ancient Athlete Society, Steve’s business expertise is equaled only by his passion for service to others, be it clients, employees, or the greater community.

Collin Keller - Partner

Collin Keller Headhsot

Vivid Ink Graphics co-founder, Collin Keller, serves as the perfect counterpoint to his business partner Steve, leading the way as company print manager. Keller’s technical knowledge, hands-on approach, and “blood, sweat, and tears” dedication to keeping operations running smoothly while producing top-quality work has played an integral part in our growth and success. A 20-year veteran of the advertising and graphics business, the USL graduate and Gonzales native draws from his wealth of industry experience while constantly looking forward, researching the latest systems and technologies in order to provide Vivid Ink Graphics’ customers with new and innovative products for their large-format visual communications needs.

Margaret Thompson-Crifasi - Partner/Vice President of National Sales

Margaret Thompson-Crifasi Headhsot

For over thirty years, Margaret has built lasting relationships through excellent customer service. These relationships have grown into a portfolio of regional, national and global firms who rely on her dedication and technological innovation to build their brands and thrive in ever changing markets. Her early experience as a founder of First Graphix with letterpress and offset lithography was augmented with large format printing to meet the varied demands of her clients and served as the foundation for expansion into online client support. There is no substitute for experience and Margaret has been able to share her three-decades of brand building excellence with both established firms and newcomers. Her generosity and talent is evidenced by the loyalty of her clients, who after several decades and the merger of First Graphix with Vivid Ink Graphics, continue to express their satisfaction at having chosen a great partner and friend.

Chris Welienman - Partner

Chris Welienman Headhsot

Erin Ourso - General Manager (Baton Rouge)

Erin Ourso Headhsot

Erin strives to motivate and move the dial, working to keep staff morale high while monitoring progress in order to help everyone achieve their goals. Since first joining Vivid Ink Graphics in 2005, Erin’s duties have expanded to include assisting with strategic planning and overall goal setting. Passionate about her work, Erin takes great satisfaction in helping our sales teams and production crew improve processes and procedures in order to make the customer’s experience with us as positive and as problem-free as possible.

Brett Knoess - General Manager (New Orleans)

Brett Knoess  Headhsot

Detail-oriented, energetic, and by his own definition, “over the top” when it comes to taking care of customers, Brett’s passionate approach to his chosen profession shows in the work our New Orleans office produces. A member of the New Orleans chapter of AdFed as well as the American Marketing Association, he has spent over 16 years working in the local advertising, design, and printing industries, experiences which have benefited both Knoess’ business acumen and his eye for smartly-designed visual communications. When it comes to innovative signage ideas and implementing new materials, Brett’s know-how and design savvy combine to give our customers almost limitless possibilities for attention-grabbing graphic products.

Rich Prestridge - Controller

Rich Prestridge Headhsot

Diana Molinero - Customer Service Representative (Baton Rouge)

Katerina Horent - Bookkeeper / HR / Purchasing

Karla Sansoni - Customer Service Representative (New Orleans)

Michael Huye - National Sales (Baton Rouge)

Greg Boyd - Outside Sales (Baton Rouge & New Orleans)

Greg Boyd Headhsot

Josh Ellzey - Outside Sales (Baton Rouge)

Josh Ellzey Headhsot

As an avid runner and marathoner, Ellzey knows a thing or two about being in for the long haul. His approach to his job is a reflection of his recreational passion, “I’m not in it for the one time sale. I like to sit down and help customers think through their needs and find the very best possible solution.” Having manned Vivid Ink Graphics’ outside sales position since early 2008, the Hammond, Louisiana, native is one of our highly visible “faces out in the field,” visiting regularly with new business prospects and our existing customers.

Kyle Capaci - Outside Sales (New Orleans)

Christina Alba - Outside Sales (New Orleans)

Kirsten Roberson - Account Manager (Baton Rouge)

Courtney Swayze - Account Manager (Baton Rouge)

Courtney Swayze Headhsot

Kelly Carpenter - Account Manager (New Orleans)

Kelly Carpenter Headhsot

A former Vivid Ink Graphics intern during her time at LSU, Kelly joined the company as a full-time employee in March 2012. Her solid performance while assisting our account managers during her first stint resulted in her current position as one of our Outside Sales Representatives. Personable, passionate, and professional, Kelly’s desire to learn has quickly earned the former Student Marketer of the Year a prominent role as a member of our sales team.

Emily Pozinsky - Account Manager (New Orleans)

Emily Pozinsky Headhsot

Emily’s experience as both a graphic designer and a creative director serve her well in her position as one of Vivid Ink Graphic’s Sales Representatives. A native of Washington, D.C., Emily joined the Vivid Ink Graphics team in 2010 and helps keep our customers up-to-date on our capabilities and educated on the latest products.

Karna Freeman - Online Storefront Manager (Baton Rouge)

Karna Freeman Headhsot

Stefanie Stoll - Project Manager (Baton Rouge)

Stevi Stein - Account Coordinator (Baton Rouge)

Stevi Stein Headhsot

For over two years, Stevi was the first smiling face you saw when you walked through the doors of our Baton Rouge office. Her hard work, dedication and get it done attitude earned her a spot on the Baton Rouge Sales team. As Josh Ellzey's teammate, Stevi is the picture of organization, dedication, and hard work, taking care of the “detail work” while Josh focuses on bringing in new business.

Katie Bailey - Account Coordinator (Baton Rouge)

Kyle Quinlan - Account Coordinator (Baton Rouge)

Kelly Cohagan - Creative Director (Baton Rouge)

Kelly Cohagan Headhsot

Kelly is a perfect fit for Vivid Ink Graphics’ often fast-paced environment, being a reliable, creative designer who can get work done quickly – while still maintaining our demanding quality standards. Her more than 23 years of industry experience have taken this New Orleanian everywhere — from magazines to ad agencies and marketing departments — and, fortunately for us, to our Baton Rouge office.

Thomas Chandler - Graphic Designer (Baton Rouge)

Thomas Chandler Headhsot

As an Eagle Scout, Thomas is always prepared for any project that comes his way. With over ten years of design and illustration experience, including a stint as a photo restoration artist, the Louisiana Tech graduate brings not only his skills, but also enthusiasm and a quick wit to the Vivid Ink Graphics team.

Lindsey Martin - Graphic Designer (Baton Rouge)

Josh Milton - Prepress Operator/Graphic Designer (Baton Rouge)

Ben Renda - Graphic Designer (Baton Rouge)

Eric Dolese - Graphic Designer (New Orleans)

Eric Dolese Headhsot

A New Orleans native, Eric brings 12 years of career experience to his position as Vivid Ink Graphics’ graphic designer at our New Orleans facility. His creative skills and production abilities are a valuable asset when it comes to offering our customers the most unique visual communication solutions and innovative graphic products in the area.

Rick Bergez - Graphic Designer/Prepress Technician (New Orleans)

Lyn Bourgoyne - Installation & Facilities Manager

Lyn Bourgoyne Headhsot

Our Baton Rouge location’s resident “jack-of-all-trades,” Lyn has over 20 years of printing industry experience, starting as an offset pressman and working his way into supervisory roles, while never losing his hands-on, “get-it-done” approach to any project he manages. The Gonzales, Louisiana, resident and his Vivid Ink Graphics installation crew are masters of their trade.

Clint Corban - Production Manager (New Orleans)

Bobby Threats - Senior Printer (New Orleans)

Bobby Threats Headhsot

Cody Mack - Graphic Designer/Prepress Technician (Baton Rouge)

Production - Baton Rouge

  • Nicholas Leblanc - Printer
  • Marcel Mary - Printer
  • Chris Adamo - Printer
  • Paul Graffeo - Printer
  • John Wax - Printer
  • Jimmy Jones - Finisher
  • Pete Huff - Finisher
  • Vanessa Wright - Finisher
  • Jeremy Bailey - Finisher
  • Brian Cohagan - Finisher
  • Desmond Collins - Finisher
  • Jacob Fontenot - Finisher
  • Jachob Taylor - Finisher
  • Billy Andrepont - Finisher
  • Daniel Betancourth - Installer
  • Mark Miller - Installer/Finisher
  • Geoff Smallidge - Installer
  • Jacob Petit - Inspection/Packaging
  • Mike Watkins - Warehouse Supervisor
  • James Franklin - Delivery

Production - New Orleans

  • Jono Goodman - Printer
  • Jaimie Heiges - Printer
  • Richard Garcia - Printer
  • Paul Parrack - Finishing Supervisor
  • Manie Chemin - Installer/Finisher
  • Bobby Burns - Installation Supervisor
  • Jim Keen - Finisher
  • Stan Cameron - Finisher
  • Richard Garcia - Printer